Sense of Identity


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                                      ‘How to Play the Game’

Ok you’ve got the Game. So, let me set the scene!

You’re at home, aren’t we all…. you’re a little bored but in an ok mood. And some one suggests playing this new game Sense of Identity. They open the game you settle down to play.

The concept is that for each round all the players, except one, adopt the same particular trait shown on the screen. The one remaining player – you! has to question the other players in turn to find out what trait they now have in common.

Sounds simple? Oh no. It’s Challenging, Frustrating and Fun.

Let’s say the Trait they have now is: ‘They can only answer in four words’ They are all the same apart from that.

Ok, you know that they all share the same trait, but not what that trait is. You can now ask any question of them you like, and they must answer; truthfully, accurately, and in character.

So, you start off with the obvious question to the first player ‘What’s your name?’ Back they come with ‘My name is Bob’ (a four word answer) and indeed that is his name. So, you then ask the next player, ‘Where do you live?’I live in Dunsfold – and indeed she does!

I promise you it will become harder and harder, as you go round, for them to give you just a four word answer. And you will be starting to sense something, but not sure what. a pattern? a pause before answering? (while a player formulates just a four word answer).

This will continue, with you getting closer to the answer and yet getting a bit frustrated as well. The other players having to use all their wits to keep answering in just four words but not giving the game away. The amusement for them will be building now and you will be getting a little bit paranoid while the other players will be getting a little conspiratorial together and enjoying your agony.

If you eventually guess the trait you will get one point. If you don’t, you don’t! But not to worry. It’s the next players turn now, but this time with a different trait. And the fun begins again.

The Traits can be physical (a broken arm) Emotional (angry) Delusional (the worlds greatest singer) In fact anything!