New Drivers and Under 17s Lessons

The Young Drivers Track for all new drivers of any age, and under 17s at Dunsfold Park

At the Young Drivers Track you can drive, and learn from Qualified DSA driving instructors all you need to know before going out on the public highway amongst all the traffic!
Instructors, parents and learner drivers are only too aware of the dual problem of learning to physically drive a motor car and at the same time coping with other traffic and road conditions. Imagine teaching a person to cycle for the first time in a busy high street. How much better to learn without the pressure of other road users. At Dunsfold Park you have time to develop the necessary skills involved in driving a motor car before the important stage of dealing with other road users
The Young Drivers Track enables beginners to learn all the basic physical skills of driving without the problems normally associated with learning these on the public road. Dunsfold Park has over three miles of circuits for beginners and under 17s to learn to drive on. We have a large steering area as well as reversing and parking area.

‘The home of Top Gear’

Based at Dunsfold Park, the home of the BBCs Top gear programme, The Young Drivers Track is one of the best off–road facilities in the south of England. Allowing young people to learn how to drive in a safe and secure environment.
We have over 3 miles of tarmac road with lane markings and junctions. Parking practice areas, yes, real cars to practice your parallel parking on!  Parking bays, just like at your local test centre. There is large steering practice area where you can go round and round to get that steering perfect. In fact there is everything you need to enable you to learn how to drive really well before you go out on the public roads.

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